Now when the winners are unveiled and they have received their awards, do we want to present them here on the website.

11000 SEK gift voucher, Teamsportia NovaUlf Andersson
2500 SEK gift voucher, Teamsportia Nova Ewa Carlsson
3450 SEK gift voucher, Skult FrisörsalongerJohan Bergwall
4450 SEK gift voucher, Skult Frisörsalonger Jan Nihlén
5300 SEK bag, Teamsportia NovaBritt Snogerup
6300 SEK bag, Teamsportia Nova Annika & Per Karlsson
7300 SEK bag , Teamsportia Nova Ewa Folkesson
8300 SEK bag, Teamsportia Nova Lars Johannesson
9250 SEK basket of veggies, MossagårdenLeif Runeson
10250 SEK basket of veggies, Mossagården Anna-Karin Mårtensson
11250 SEK basket of veggies, Mossagården Siv Nilsson
12250 SEK basket of veggies, Mossagården Anders Esbjörnsson
131 kg sausages, LundacharkKaj Sjöstedt
141 kg sausages, Lundachark Jan Eskilsson
151 kg sausages, Lundachark Claes Andersson
161 kg sausages, Lundachark Gertrud Malmberg

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